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 Auction FAQ's

Q: How much do you think it will bring? What if I don't get offered what I want, do I have to sell it?

A: These are our most commonly asked questions. the best answer is fair market value.       We don't know what the property will bring until the sale is over. Through our marketing campaign, we assure your property is showcased to all potential buyers in the marketplace the day of your sale. You, as the seller, reserve the right to reject the final offer.

Q: How do you advertise/market the sale?                                                                                   

A: Your Property is showcased in newspaper ads, promoted flyers, direct mail campaigns, and E-mail notifications to all potential buyers and interested agents


Q: Why sell my house or farm at auction rather than list it? Isn't that a desperate measure.

A:     Why put a price on your property and limit the value? Why put your life on hold while waiting for someone to make an offer? Why inconvenience yourself for showings? Why wait for a home inspection? Why wait? The auction method is the only way to realize full value of your home or property and give you the ability to get on with your life. You take control of the sales process. you set the date and time that your property will sell, as well as the terms  and conditions.